Moving Forward and Bracing for Cold

After several days of mourning my beloved Muffin I am actually surprised how well I am doing. Yes, I have my moments of sadness and I question my actions with her, but overall I am doing well. I can’t figure out why I have healed so well, so quickly. Was it because she had been so sick and I knew it was time to let her go; was it because the loss wasn’t sudden– she had not been an active part of the household for a month; or because it is a relieve not to be worrying about her anymore? I don’t know; maybe it was a little of everything. Or maybe it has something to do with the two days I retreated into the house over the holidays. Cold and massive amounts of snow kept me housebound on my days off, and grief made it much more comfortable. When I finally returned to work on Friday I had over two days to mourn on my own and with my family. This was a huge help.

Of course I am far from recovered from her loss. I will never forget my girl, nor will I ever stop loving her. She was a wonderful cat and I am lucky to have had her in my life for over 18 years. My baby girl is at peace now, and no longer suffering. That is what everyone wants right? To be at peace? I just hope that heaven and Rainbow Bridge are real so that one day I can be reunited with her, Sam and the other cats I have lost in my life. It would be sad if we only had our short period on earth with those we loved. Especially our four legged friends, because sometimes they can provide the best love and support.

Now it is time to shift gears and focus on my ferals. It is supposed to be dangerously, bitter cold the next few days. Wind chills making it feel like -50 yes that says negative fifty degrees. Seriously, I don’t want to go outside in that; I can’t imagine Momma and Little Black and even poor little Poosh and Cow (who I haven’t seen in ages) living in that for days. Momma and Little Black at least have some electric heating pads to help take some chill off. They have heat reflecting blankets, and I have microwavable discs I can toss in their house. I am going to worry about them though. Especially since Momma has disapeared. She did this the other day when we were in the middle of like 36 straight hours of snow. She did this during the Snowpocalypse of 2011 (at which point she went MIA for 2 weeks). I can only hope she has found a  garage somewhere in the neighborhood where Poosh, Cow and a pile of other cats are snuggled together to keep warm in this dangerous cold. (I picture a giant pile of cats in the middle of an unused garage, taking turns on the outside of the pile. Just like the penguins do!) If so, I hope Little Black finds them as well. I would rather them both be gone and hope they are together than have just one hanging around  the next few days. Right now Little Black is hanging out on the deck all alone. She looks so sad and lonely. I can’t tell if she is waiting for me to come outside, Momma to come back or just getting some fresh air. She is sitting on an electric heating pad that I thought was broken, so she is keeping her toes and tooshy warm.


Add to the horribly cold temperatures another 6-12 inches of snow on top of the foot we already have. I will be on edge until the warmer weather rolls around Wednesday. By Wednesday we are expecting temperatures to be above zero, looking at 27 degrees Wednesday. My poor girls.  If I thought I could  trap Momma I would bring them inside for the next two days, just so they could stay warm. But Momma hates the trap and Momma is not hanging around right now. I dread taking Little Black in, just in case Momma needs a snuggle buddy. So please, keep those of us in the MidWest in your thoughts these next few days as we battle dangerous cold. I worry about all the animals and the homeless humans, who are stuck outside in this weather.

If you are in the Midwest, or the Northeast, or anywhere that is bracing for this horrible cold weather (seriously, it should be ILLEGAL for it to be this cold!), make sure you have shelters for your kitties. Shelters can be quick and simple or they can be a little more complex and fancy. If you are looking for a few quick ideas for kitty shelters visit Alley Cat Allies Winter Tips website.


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