How time flies. I realized I have left readers hanging here, what with my last post all about how I was fretting over Little Black and Mama surviving during the Polar Vortex that swept in back at the start of January. Then I basically fell off the face of the blog-o-sphere. I do apologize for that. It has been one hell of a winter here in Chicago and we are alternating between bitter cold and snowstorms every other day here. For a while I was waiting for the weather to clear up for an update. I was also trying to heal after the loss of my sweet Muffin, and cope with some other difficult situations in life. 

It is time to get back to work though. My girls are both wonderful. They have survived this awful winter so far, and even become rather resourceful. There are at least four feet of snow piled on my deck and in the grass of the back yard. They have found ways of putting it to use when nature calls so they don’t have to venture too far from their house in this cold weather. Their is an electric heating pad in their house, which I assume they are putting to good use. I also have a cracked heating pad sitting on the deck next to their food bowl which helps keep their toes warm while they feast.  (The heating pads are supposed to only heat when there is weight put on them, I am afraid this one is always on and thus might burn a sleeping kitty. Not a concern for the five minutes they are bowl!)

On the rare day that it is warm, between 20 and 30 degrees (yes, that is starting to feel warm around here) and sunny, I have found them sitting in the sun, or drinking their water before it freezes. I have a feeling Little Black must be going stir-crazy, I was outside yesterday shoveling the latest layer of snow, and Little Black followed me. She popped her head into the garage and kept watching me as I shoveled. She must be tired of sitting in that house all day with Mama. I don’t blame her! 

My boys are looking good as well; Crash got a clean bill of health from the vet last week, and overall looks remarkable for a cat of his age. Sneakers is supposed to be on a diet and goes in at the end of the month for a check up. That should be interesting. 

I hope to get back to posting soon. I miss blogging, and I miss being part of the blog-o-sphere. Now, to find topics! 


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  1. Marie Anne says:

    Welcome back! It is all too easy to get distracted with other things 🙂 I disappear for months on end, post a few times, and disappear again, haha. Glad your strays are doing ok in this weather. We have a few we take care of, too. One is comfortable enough in the garage, and two others hang out in the stacks of hay in the horse barn. This winter sure has been tough on everything. I can’t imagine how you’re dealing with four feet of snow! We’ve had a foot at most. And that’s a lot for Maryland.

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