Happy One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today Sneakers and I started on a brave new journey together.  Last year on February 20 I re-trapped Sneakers so he could receive veterinary care for a bald spot on his chest. When I got him in to the vet there were no obvious bald spots and he was tame as  could be–petrified but still as a statue. It was then that our destiny was sealed and he became an indoor kitty. The past year has been such an adventure with him. I have watched Sneakers go from a petrified, confused cat who hid behind everything and anything he could find to a loving, snuggling cat who wants nothing but to be physically near me; and kibble. He likes kibble, possibly more than he likes me, I’m not  sure about that one.

Sneakers Before

Sneakers Before

While Sneakers has blossomed around me, he still is shy around other people. Anytime the front door opens or the door bell rings there is a gray blur as Sneakers makes a desperate dash for under a bed. He is also completely terrified of my father. Over all though, Sneakers has blossomed in his first year inside. He has taught me so many lessons in patience and love, while I taught him not to fear people and indoors.  We both have a lot to learn, about life and about each other. He needs to learn to play with toys and not fear my father. I need to learn how to play with him better, and perhaps I have some lessons to learn from him about letting go of fears and accepting new situations.

That doesn't look like a petrified cat.

His Behind the Couch Days

I am so blessed to have had Sneakers in my life for this past year. He brought some life back to a home of old kitties. He has shown me true, deep, unconditional love at a time when Crash, my first true love, has become old and just wants to sleep. Sneakers filled a hole in my heart that I didn’t realize needed filling. A hole left by my  Sam some five years ago, a hole that might have overwhelmed me at the time of Muffin’s death. Sneakers has been a great comfort, I like to call him a “transition kitty” as I lose my first three babies. He is the assurance that things will work out and that I will not be alone when Crash does finally pass from this world to the Rainbow Bridge.

First Belly Roll!

First Belly Roll!

It has been a wonderful, crazy, stressful, exciting first year with Sneakers. My only regret is that I didn’t bring him in sooner, but I suppose we found each other at the right time. We taught each other lessons that needed to be learned and in one way or another saved each other. I am so grateful to have this crazy gray cat in my life. Happy One Year Anniversary Sneaky, I hope we have many more years together!


Here’s Sneakers now.


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