Mancat Monday: Sneakers’ Back



Actually, we’re all back (like what I did there? Gotta love a pun!). Crash, Sneakers, Momma, Little Black and I. Or we will be. I have a few things lined up in the coming weeks. I look forward to sharing with everyone again and catching up on all I have missed while I was away. I needed some time to care for myself and the cats during the long hard winter we had in Chicago (which oddly mimicked my long hard path mourning Muffin.)  The sun is out, there is a suggestion that spring is here, and I realized I cannot afford to sit quietly by. There are too many things to say, too many cats to help. So, I’m slowly wading back into the blogging world. See you soon!


Sneakers baskes in the sun, and returning to the internet.


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