Wading Back In

Hello all. I want to start of by first apologizing for my absence again. It was a long hard winter here in Chicago, which was appropriate as it mirrored the long hard road of mourning I took following Muffin’s death. I miss my baby girl so much still. The months after her passing found me worn out and unable to balance caring for myself, caring for the other cats, work, writing and managing a blog. So I dropped what I could. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back or not, but I realized that there is too much happening for me to be silent. Too many cats need help, too many people need educating. And my cats are too goofy to not share their stories.

Thank you to everyone who commented while I was gone, you were a big reason I came back. The other reason was Lucy, now known as Roberta. She was a beautiful white and gray tabby kitty who came to Chicago Animal Care and Control with burns on her back. I saw her on Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) Cat Transfer Team’s Facebook page, where dedicated volunteers post photos of the cats who are waiting to be pulled. It helps shelters find cats in need of rescue and it helps individuals, like myself, support the most at need cats. I saw Lucy’s picture and she struck a cord in my heart. I pledged some money for her care in hopes that it would make a rescue more interested in taking her. After all, it costs a lot of money to get cats ready for adoption when they don’t have any obvious signs of illness or injury. Lucy was lucky enough to be pulled from CACC by St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines. She is currently waiting for her forever home with them.

roberta-st-sophiasLucy was the second cat I saw posted on Facebook who broke my heart. The first was a terrified, beat-up looking senior brown tabby. I don’t remember his name, but he was gorgeous (in that, “life has treated him rough and he needs a bit of loving to make it better” way. I am a sucker for cats like that.). Unfortunately, I don’t think he made it out. I hope his soul finds peace in the next life.

Seeing these cats pictures reminded me that there is work to be done. There are still cats who need help. I am not going to say that I can save them all by writing my blog in this one tiny little corner of the internet. However, maybe I can make a difference to one person. If I can inspire one person to foster or adopt a cat, or to have a little more patience with their shy cat, that will save a life. If one person does TNR on a few cats in their neighborhood, that’s a lot of cat lives that were saved. If I can give one person comfort to keep working with rescue animals, then I am happy. I have a few things planned, but they may take some time to research and write.


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