Sneakers Saturday: Life is Scary

Thanks fer the support and reads last week!  My first blog was fun to write. I’ve been trying to think of something to write today all week.  Its hard. I don’t know how my Katie keeps up with all the ideas, or how all you other kitties do it!  Where do you fit the writing in? Between napping, eating kibbles and standing guard at the window, I don’t have times to write.

Plus its scary. This writing thing. It is new. New things are scary. I do not like scary or new things. I do not like lots of things. I like my Katie, kibbles and looking out the window. I do not like Dad; I will not say why. I hid behind a water bottle this week when he tried to give me treats. My Katie laughed at me. It was very rude. I was trying to hide. She totally gave me away. She said a 12lb cat can’t hide behind a tiny water bottle. We cats know better. If I do not want you to see me, you can not see me. My Katie might know a lot about cats, but she clearly does not know everything.

She also does not know that bubbles are scary. She got this thing she calls a bubble gun, it is supposed to be for her Goddaughter, but my Katie is playing with it instead. She says she thought I might have fun chasing the bubbles. According to my Katie the other cats loved bubbles. I think she lies. I was just sitting there, waiting to play when suddenly there was a whirring sound and all these round things are flying around the room. They just kept coming and coming. I moved behind a chair. They kept flying at me. So I did what any self respecting cat would do. I hid under the couch. My Katie says I am silly, that bubbles are fun and I could pounce on them. I say she is crazy.

So after the scary bubbles were gone, I came out from the couch and settled into Dad’s bed for a snooze. No sooner do I get settled then Dad walks in and picks up a shirt from the bed. He scared me. So I jumped off the bed and ran away. I may have tripped Dad in the process. Dad says I scared him. He scared me worse. Again, my Katie laughed. She says both Dad and I are silly and over dramatik, whatever that means. She doesn’t understand how scary life is.  She wasn’t there. She wasn’t there when Mom locked me in the bedroom with the vacuum. I cried and cried, and she finally let me out. There is NOTHING scarier than the vacuum. Not even Dad. Mom said she was sorry, that it was an accident. I am not sure I believe here. I am still traumatized. Even if it was an accident.

My Katie says I am a big scary cat. I told her that I may be scary, but that does not mean hiding is a bad idea. I survived so far every time I hide. Who knows what scary thing may happen next! I say, if it works do not knock it.




One thought on “Sneakers Saturday: Life is Scary

  1. Deziz World says:

    Oh Sneakers dat carpet monster is scary. Yous right to hide. It sucks up everything. Weez sure dat’s where our nip nanners went. Mommy sez we hid ’em and now nopawdy can find ’em, but we say da carpet monster ate ’em. We don’t like those bubbles eever. Mommy has sum she sez are nip, but dat ain’t like no nip weez ever seen. Nope, not havin’ it. We told her those bubble fings was fur small sticky humans, and not cats. Hope fings get less scary fur ya’ soon. And hey, anypawdy dolin’ out treats dat lets ya’ nap on their bed can’t be all bad. Have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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