Happy Caturday: Cat Games

Happy Caturday everyone!  Time for a little something different and a little distraction from life.

If you are like me, most of your life is taken up by cats. Whether you spend your  time rescuing cats, working at a vet  clinic or just snuggling with your cats at home chances are your passion for cats runs deep and spills into other aspects of your life. You probably own a few pieces of clothing with cats on them. Some cat jewelry perhaps? A bag or two with cats on them? I bet you read books and watch shows involving cats.  I do.

If that isn’t enough cat for you, don’t worry there are plenty of games to  fill your need for all things cat! Because if there is anything our cats have taught us, it is that a little bit of play is super important!

There are so many cat games out there and I have only played a few of them. Here a handful of my favorite cat games.

Bread Kittens- iOS

This is my personal favorite. You’ve all seen the In Bread cat meme where people stick a piece of bread on their cat’s head…well Bread Kittens runs off that meme.

cat-memes-20112012-6-728You have a cat. You battle other cats. You win the battle when you are able to bread the other cat.  One review I read online compared it to Pokemon. I love this game. It is simply to learn, easy to master and fun. I have a large collection of cats who I have given the goofiest names to.  It requires little skill, so even the most casual of gamers can succeed at it.

Take a look at the preview video on YouTube

“Bread That Cat!”

I apparently have a thing for bread cats. I just discovered this game while trying to find a picture of Bread Cats for this post.  It’s a short game-5 levels total.  It starts with a cat sitting in front of a couch. You shoot bread at the cat. Then suddenly all these other cats come flying out towards you. You have to shoot as many of them with bread as possible. A great game to kill a bit of time during the work day….or when procrastinating on a blog post.

Check it out here.

Neko Atsume

This game is a favorite among my friends. You put goodies such as cat food, boxes, balls and pillows into your yard to attract cats. Come back every now and then to see who has stopped by. Cats will leave you gifts-fun things like boxes or fish to buy more food. I am having fun with it, but I don’t know how long I will last with this. It doesn’t look like there are any expansions to the amount of space you get. Just that one little section of yard. You can only put “goodies” in the five places I have items, so you can have no more than 5 cats in your yard at one. You also can’t interact with the cats. I am enjoying collecting and naming the cats.


Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

Who doesn’t love Nyan cat? This reminds me of the classic video games. Think  Mario Brothers. Jumping up and down different levels trying to collect the goods-in this case milk bottles, cake and ice cream (yum!)

I’m personally not very good at traditional style video game. I am horrible at jumping, and quite skilled at falling. My reflexes also aren’t quite quick enough for them. Still, I think I will be spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best tricks for this game.

Do you have a favorite cat themed game? Or do you prefer your cats real and furry?


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