Sneakers Sunday: Bad Kitty

I usually write on Saturdays, but “Sneakers Sunday” sounds just as good as “Sneakers Saturday.” I needed to share my story with someone, and I didn’t want to wait till next week, so My Katie said I could do a “Sneakers Sunday” post.

Oh! Oh! I was a naughty kitty last night. A bad kitty. It was an accident, really it was. I hurt My Katie though, so I am a bad, bad kitty. I hid under the bed last night because I was so ‘shamed of what I did.

Sneakers (62)Last night I wanted My Katie to play with me. My favorite game is to play wrestle and rip the paper. This is our game. I sit on the paper and rip it! That tells My Katie I want to play. This is the part of the game when My Katie comes over and starts to ruffle my fur, make the paper move and bundle a bunch up for me to bunny kick, bite and rip. It makes me the happiest!

I went and sat on all my glorious paper. I started to rip the paper. Except last night, when My Katie bunched up the paper for me to wrestle with I bit the paper, with her fingers still in it. I bit My Katie’s hand!  She yelled OUCH! I kept playing with my paper, because I was lost in paper bliss. I heard My Katie call me a “Little Snot” and say that I bit her. She said her hand really hurt. She pulled her hand out from the paper while I continued to play. She was bleeding! I made My Katie bleed! Oh what a horrible cat I am!

My Katie went upstairs to clean her hand, while I sat downstairs on the paper, wondering why we stopped. I was slow to realize I hurt My Katie. When she came back downstairs she had her finger all wrapped up in a towel. She said she was trying to stop the bleeding. She halfheartedly tried to get me to play with a toy. I bit My Katie on her finger, right at the cute-i-cal. There was lots of blood!! She said I bit her with the full force of my kitty jaw, and it really, really hurt.

That’s when I realized I hurt My Katie. I could sense she was upset. I could sense that it had something to do with me. And I could tell she was reluctant to play the paper game again. She said over and over that her finger hurt. She said this is why kitty play time and people hands don’t mix. “People skin isn’t as touch as kitty skin” she said to me. I just knew she was scolding me. I am such a naughty kitty to make My Katie hurt. Which is why when we went upstairs I hid under her bed. I knew she was mad.

She tried to lure me out with kibbles. I LOVE kibbles. I would not come out. She “Sneaky I’m not mad at you. I know it was an accident. I hurt a lot, that’s all. Come out baby.” I did not listen. I was a naughty kitty who needed to be punished. So I sat under the bed for my naughty ways.

Eventually I came out and we played with Da Bird in Mom’s room. Then My Katie and I went back to our room. I ate my kibbles while she changed into her pajamas. My kibble  bowl is right next to her closet, along side the bed. I was eating my kibbles with my butt towards the closet, my tail sticking out. My Katie came from the closet, turned around and stepped on my tail. Just a little. She started to put her foot down and realized that was my tail. I looked at her and switched sides of the kibble bowl.

My Katie apologized. She then asked if we were “even.” I don’t know what that means. I am sure I deserved my tail to get kinda stepped on. Just this once though, because I was a naughty kitty.  We then went downstairs, where I sat on the chair with a sad face, watching My Katie as she read. I cheered up a little when we played a modified version of the paper game with one of my toys. I even got My Katie to open the blinds so I could look out the window!

Thankfully we are all better today. My Katie wasn’t really mad at me so I did get to snuggle with her last night. I tried licking her during the night to make her feel better. She says it just woke her up.  My Katie’s finger looks better today. She says it feels better too, not sore anymore. She told me I most likely just bit her at a tender spot and managed to pull some skin off verses actually puncturing her skin. She says this is still a very good reminder of why people hands should stay far away from kitty play time.

I am lucky that My Katie knows it was an accident. Not every kitty is that lucky. So please learn from this naughty kitty. Playing with your human’s hand around the toy is a bad idea. You could, like this naughty kitty, miss the toy and bite your person instead.


3 thoughts on “Sneakers Sunday: Bad Kitty

  1. Deziz World says:

    Ah Sneakers you wasn’t a bad kitty or naughty at all. Accidents happen all da time and it doesn’t mean yous naughty. Our humans ought to know to keep their hands out of play time. Me bit me’s mommy once. And it was a bad one too. Me had “da surgery” and mommy was tryin’ to clean me up and put sum medicine on me when me suddenly started to wake up. Me was so confused and in such pain me bit down wiff all me’s little might. Me bit right fru da fingernail on da top and a good bit in da bottom. Mommy fawt she wuld never get it to stop bleedin’. But she never once told me dat me was bad. Stead she luvved me all da more. Cuz me didn’t mean to hurt her. it’s da same wiff you. You didn’t mean it, so noo bad kitty. Have a gweat week.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    • Kat says:

      *puurr* Thanks Dezi & Lexi. My Katie says I am not a naughty kitty. She never once said I was naughty, I felt super naughty though. She’s My Katie! I would never, ever hurt her. She says she knows that. She also says this is why she has been trying to teach me that hands are not for play time. I love when My Katie bunches up papers for me to bite though!!

      That sounds like a super bad bite you gave your Mommy, I don’t know that I could ever stop feeling guilty about it. That is a great Mommy to understand you were goofy from the sleepy meds and the pain and that you were confused. Glad your mommy understood and loved you more.

      You have a good week too! I need to go get My Katie to play with me now before she goes to that “work” place.


      • Deziz World says:

        Yeah Sneakers me has a gweat mommy fur sure. Like you do wiff yous Katie. We are blest kitties to have such gweat humans. We wish all kitties kuld be as lucky. Have fun playin’.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

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