Nurse Cat

I have always found that having a cat to cuddle with helps the healing process when I am sick. Muffin, Crash and particularly Sam were amazing at cuddling with us when someone was sick. If you had a stomach bug they would pick a spot on the bed that gave you enough space to quickly exit towards the bathroom. If you had a cold, they would cuddle right up next to you. I really do think it helped the healing process, if for no other reason than I didn’t feel completely alone in my sickness. I have read many articles talking about how cats really do help us heal though. If I wasn’t so groggy from my head cold I would totally find them for you too.  Sadly, a certain Sneakers cat did not get that memo. (My darling Sneakers didn’t get a lot of the memos, like how to play with toys).

Sam (41)

Sam was amazing at snuggling during an illness. He never left my side during this particularly hard bought of flu.

I have been sick the past 5 days (hence no blog posts). Today I was actually sick enough to get sent home from work. All I was doing was spreading my cold to everyone I work with and all our clients. When I came home my head was pounding from coughing and sneezing. I was breathing heavy because of all the congestion. I could hardly keep my eyes open I was so tired. Sneakers greeted me at the door so happy I was home. He then proceeded to tell me we needed to play “Chase the Kitty!”  So I played “Chase the Kitty!” with him. He ran behind furniture and I slowly plodded after him. He was thrilled. He followed me into the bedroom. I climbed in bed. He vanished. I didn’t see the cat again for the rest of the day, until he decided he needed more food.

After his food he did climb on the bed and curl up at my feet. I think that was more just his choice for where to take his after lunch nap than him trying to help me feel better. I desperately miss the days of sick when I had more cats piled on the bed then there was room for. There was nothing so amazing as snuggling into a bed with two or three cats purring to make you feel better, taking turns to leave for litter box, playing, water. Even if I was sick and miserable and could hardly move.  Sneakers made me play with him again this evening. He ran around and I plodded after him. Or I plodded around in front of him with a toy to chase. Now I am in bed and he is on his post, looking out the window. I suppose he might be earning his keep guarding the house…still, I would much rather a snuggly nurse cat.


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