Sneakers Saturday: A Very Special Day

Hello. Sneakers Saturday again, and a very important Saturday it is!

Did you know today is Love Your Pet Day? Neither did I. Everyday is Love your Pet Day around here. I love My Katie everyday, not just on silly holidays…Wait, My Katie informs me that I am the pet in this case…sure I am. I will let her believe that.

More important today is my Gotcha Day! Three Years ago today I came inside to be with My Katie. I had been living outside for several years before I told My Katie that I wanted to come inside.



Our first meeting

My story starts a few years before I came inside. My Katie and I stumbled upon each other when I was sitting in a yard enjoying the sun. We surprised each other. I was scared and ran away. My Katie eventually came back with a large scary metal box thing. She put some really good smelling food in the scary cage. Eventually my tummy and nose got the better of me. I went in the scary metal box thing. I was enjoying a really tasty meal when the box closed on me! It was terrifying. I was then carted all over the place. First I was put in a car, which drove away. Then I was taken out of the car and bumpped around alot. When I finally stopped moving I was inside for the first time. It was dark. I was so scared. I was in a tiny box with a towel over it in the dark. I could not see anything. I heard scary noises and could not get away from them. After a long, long time in the dark, sitting on the food I didn’t get to eat, I heard someone come towards me. We moved around again and I could tell we were back outside. Then we were back in the car. I found myself in an even scary place where people tried to touch me! They gave me a shot and I got all sleepy. When I woke up I felt really weird. Part of my ear was gone and my bottom hurt. My Katie says this is when I was neutered. She says I was part of a TNR project and the ear tip was to let other people know I was already neutered.

When My Katie brought me back from the scary clinic place, she said she didn’t think I was feral. She ran out to the store and bought a big dog cage. She got me to go from my tiny box to a bigger box. She told me she was going to try to socialize me. I told her I had other plans. For several days I sat in that big box. I just sat there. I was frozen in fear. My Katie came down and read to me, she talked to me and tried to engage me with a toy. She gave me lots of tasty food and a clean litter box every day. And I sat there in fear. After a few days of this My Katie decided maybe she was wrong; maybe I was feral. So she got me to go in yet ANOTHER box and took me outside. She opened the door to that box and I ran away. I then stood outside and cried at the top of my lungs. I had run into a different yard at that point. My Katie later told me this was the worst decision she ever made. She told me she was in school at the time and was afraid she wouldn’t have enough time to give me between school, work and the other cats.

Fast-forward to a year and a half later. It is Christmas Day 2012. I showed up for breakfast with Mamma and Little Black. They were reluctant to let me share their meal, but My Katie saw me and brought some food out for me. For two months I would appear at meal times to share with Mamma and Little Black. I patiently waited for them to eat, then I took my share. Even if there was a bowl set for me, I waited until Little Black was done before I ate. I was also very polite and let the girls go first. I would run at the first sign of conflict. I also ran anytime My Katie came out to put food down.

My Katie says this was the second worst time of her life. She told me that she finally realized I was the same cat she had trapped before. She says she spent days stressing over what to do for me. Then one day, a few months later, I jumped up on the trunk outside the window and looked in the house. My Katie saw me. She saw the giant bald spot on my chest. She brought out the big scary cage and trapped me again. We went into the vet.The vet couldn’t find any bald spots on me.

Sneakers 2013 (3).jpg

My Katie figured that was my way of saying I wanted to come inside. She watched me at the vet and said I certainly didn’t act like a feral cat. The doctor and technicians were able to handle me with only mild sedation. So My Katie did the smartest thing ever and decided to keep me inside. She set about “socializing” me to people. It was a long, hard road for both of us. I was back in the scary big box in the basement. Again I sat perfectly still for days. It took us weeks before I finally agreed to play with a toy while hiding behind the couch.

It took us months before I let My Katie touch me. Then one day, I realized that My Katie is amazing. She showed me love when I hadn’t known love before. She gave me tasty food. She accepted me. We spoke to each other and it was love.My Katie, silly girl that she is, thought she would try adopting me out to a new home. She could tell I was getting bonded to her. Then one day I looked at her with the deepest love in my eyes and she finally got the message that she was MY Katie and I was not going anywhere. We agreed to change my name, and after much debating My Katie and I agreed that “Sneakers” was a perfect fit for me. I like to sneak around the house, silent as can be. And I sneaked my way into My Katie’s house and heart.


I live the good life now.


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