Caring for Myself

Hello all.

Sorry for the unannounced leave of absence. I needed some time to heal.

Two weeks ago was a particularly rough week at work. We had two emotional days, filled with lots of loss, and kitty emergencies. Then we spent the rest of the week dealing with weird stuff and trying to heal–as individuals and as a clinic. I was too emotionally tapped out to write. I was too emotionally tapped out to do much of anything.

So I didn’t. I took time for myself. Time to heal, recover and replenish my cup. I read, played computer games, colored, watched  tv and most of all I enjoyed my Sneakers.  It really did take me two weeks to get past a few rough days. Partially because of my Depression, and partially because of Compassion Fatigue. Both leave me with tendencies to be overwhelmed by all the emotions around me, especially when things go south.

Sneakers also  took some time, mainly because I wouldn’t turn the computer on for him.

I will gradually be getting my butt back in front of the computer now. I have a lot of things I need to write about.

First though, if you think are you suffering from compassion fatigue- as so many in the animal caring fields do–I encourage you to check out the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project. They are a great resource for learning about compassion fatigue and burnout.


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