Black and White Sunday

I have been thinking about my first three cats a lot lately. These were the trio of kittens I adopted when they were a mere 8-weeks old. They spent their lives with me, enriching mine as we all grew together. It has been 6 years since Sam passed, 2 since Muffin passed and Crash left me almost a year ago. Still, I miss all of them so much.

I thought today I would celebrate these three amazing cats when they were in the prime of their lives.  These photos were taken around 2005 or 2006, placing them at about 10 years old. Looking pretty good for Geriatric Cats. 🙂

They may be gone from this world but they will always live in my heart. We never truly get over the loss of a pet- we learn to accept the loss, the pain, the hollow space they occupied. We accept it and we move forward with our life. We fill the areas around the loss with new animals to love (because that is only right). I wear the scars on my heart from these three with pride, because it means I loved and was loved.

 From L-R:  Crash, Muffin (Top Right),  Uncle Sam (Bottom Right)

3 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday

    • Kat says:

      Aww thank you. They really do become part of us…So many cats are part of me. I really think you could say I am cat lady: 1 current cat, 8 foster cats, 2 childhood cats, 3 kittens to seniors, 13+ feral cats, countless cats at shelters and vet clinics….yeah I am so much cat

  1. Deziz World says:

    They look gawjus. Mommy says geriatric is only a number VETs give. Sis Lexi was furbulous at 10 and me can attest to dat since dat’s how old she was when me came into da picture. We’s sorry fur your loss. We know da pain may ease with da years, but it never goes away.

    Luv ya’


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