Selfie Sunday: A Rough Week.

I almost didn’t do a Selfie-Sunday post, which is why this is up so late. My Friday post didn’t go up ’till Saturday and I have been feeling real out of it today. I woke up feeling very out of sorts. I have been frustrated and stressed since I accidentally deleted most of the photos from my blog last Sunday. I have been trying to piece together blogs and photos for the past week. Trying to fix seven years worth of posts is a whole lot of work, and super time consuming. After spending the better part of the week plowing through the work, I burnt out.


Not even waking up to this helped me out of my funk.

The cats have not made this week any better. I was trying to introduce Sneakers to an automatic feeder, one that would open only for him after reading his microchip. The idea being that he would then be able to eat kibble whenever he wanted without Fuzzy George eating all the food. Sadly, Sneakers was afraid of the flap over the food. It made a noise and it moved. How terrifying for my poor cat. The frustration of trying to teach him and having him run away from the food whenever he was hungry was too much for me.

On top of  that I have been having issues with my ferals. There is an unneutered male cat coming around who has been proving difficult for me to trap. He disappeared for a few weeks, but has started coming around again this week. I am not entirely sure what is going on out there, but I know that he is getting into fights with my girls. There have been several times I have had to run outside at the sound of a screaming cat. It’s amazing how blood curdling a cat scream can be. On top of that Little Black has developed a cold, and is not always coming for food. I am putting supplements in her food, so her lack of eating is not helping anything.


Mr. Fluffykins is serious business cat

Difficult cats, loading photos back on to the blog, and personal issues have made this week trying. As such I decided to take today as a personal self-care day. Part of that day involved coloring stickers to put on cat photos. It helped. How could it not. I mean look at Mr. Fluffykins!! How  cute is that!?  I seriously considered not posting today, as everything feels like a burden right now. I am glad that I did, sharing cat frustrations has helped tremendously.

Here is to a better week ahead. Here is to learning from mistakes, and finding patience. Happy Selfie Sunday everyone.


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7 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday: A Rough Week.

  1. 15andmeowing says:

    I hope you have a better week this week. I hope you can trap the male so he can get fixed and maybe he will stop bothering the girls.

    • Kat says:

      Thank you. The weather today did not cooperate with trapping, as I hopped it would. Rain to snow to sun to snow….can’t decide what it wants to do out there.

  2. Dash Kitten says:

    Things like this set us back on our heels, we have all done really silly things to information we have stored and now your frustrations.

    Colouring? You has it! It will make the world better and help you cheer up. Hang in there!!

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