My boys have been a little antsy the last few days. Family is out of town, and I have worked some long hours, which means Sneakers and Fuzzy George are home alone for long periods of time. They don’t like it. Not one bit. They have gotten used to having someone home with them most of the day. They have also gotten used to eating several times during the day.  When I am gone for close to 12 hours at a time, they get grumpy. It is times like this when I wish Sneakers would use a feeder that opens only for him.

I recently tried to get Sneakers to use a Sure Flap feeder. The feeder reads his microchip cat-eatingand a cover opens over the door, letting him access his food. The goal being that only Sneakers eats Sneakers’ food. And Fuzzy George only eats Fuzzy George’s food. Sadly, after much coaxing and prodding, I gave up on the feeder. Sneakers was afraid of the lid moving when he walked to it, he was also afraid of the noise it made (it was a quiet little hum) when moving.  And finally, he couldn’t figure out that his food was in there. I love that cat, but no one will ever accuse him of being a genius. He would only go over to the feeder if his bowl of kibble was sitting on it. Do you see the gray oval just above his right ear? That’s where the food is SUPPOSED to go. He never even stuck his head in there when the lid was open.

I finally decided that I have to return it. The feeder is a great idea, and I know many homes who use it to successively feed their cats different diets, or just their own food. Fuzzy George certainly figured out the food was under the flap. Would he have used it if I kept it around longer? Possibly. I doubt it. He would sit and beg for food when there was food in front of his face.  I would pick him up to show him his food and he would squeal in terror. Sneakers started eating Fuzzy George’s food, and becoming extra annoying. I finally decided the stress was not worth it for Sneakers or me. And the feeder was too expensive to be a failed experiment.

My next feeding experiment is going to be with Fuzzy George. He has put on a LOT of weight in the time he has been with us. He is a bored eater, and begs for food whenever he gets bored. So they get fed several times a day. He also eats ALL THE FOOD. He has to be locked in a separate room when I feed them wet food. Hopefully I can get him to eat out of puzzle feeders. He likes his food ball, except that he mastered that rather quickly. I need something to try to keep him busy and burn off those calories. I am debating between making my own feeders out of toilet paper rolls, and buying the No Bowl System. The problem being that we will still need to have bowls, because Sneakers.

I am so glad that things like the Sure Flap feeder and the No Bowl System exist, even if they don’t work for my cats. It is great to see people coming up with answers to some of the basic issues plaguing cat owners. No more dogs getting into the cat food, no more cats eating each others food. And with the No Bowl System, cats can engage in their natural instinct to hunt for their food! Talk about keeping kitty happy!


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