Fuzzy Destiny

Do you believe in destiny? I generally don’t. I like to believe that I am free to choose my own path in life, and that my life is not already mapped out ahead of me. I would hate to think that every aspect of my life was decided before I was even born. However, there are some things I feel are meant to be. For example, my cats. The more I learn about Fuzzy George and the situations that brought him to me, the more I feel like this cat was destined to be my cat. And every time I think of Sneaker’s story, I am struck by how clear it is we were meant to be together. 

Many of you know Sneaker’s story, I have shared it before. I found him one day while I was out looking for one of my missing ferals. I came back later that day and trapped him. After trapping him, I decided to try socializing him. I just didn’t get the impression he was feral. The poor cat sat like a petrified cat loaf in a dog crate for two days.  I was on spring break from graduate school and knew that when I went back, I would have even less time to work with him. He wasn’t showing any signs of being friendly, just the opposite actually. I decided to  release him, which also broke my heart. He disappeared and didn’t show up again for almost two years. Then he showed up on Christmas day. Middle of February he looked in the window of my house. I will swear to the day I die there were bald spots on his chest, which he displayed prominently. I had never seen him look in the window before, and I noticed the spots instantly. I trapped him and rushed him to the vet. They found no bald spots on him, and he did not display the behavior of a feral cat. Which is when I knew he was staying inside to be socialized. Shortly after that, I realized he was staying with me for the rest of his life. 

He came to me at two difficult times. The first in graduate school when I was trying to learn to balance myself, trying to grow and trying so hard to find my path. The second time he came to me, I didn’t realize it was a hard time. He came to me just 10 months before Muffin died. He was my transition kitty, my rock as I watched my seniors leave me. He was a comfort on the days when Crash was so sick I didn’t know what to do with myself; a reminder that the world was not ending. He kept me company and kept me from feeling like I was alone after Crash died. Because of Sneakers I still had a cat after the last of my babies died. Sneakers also reminded me what unconditional love is. There is nothing as amazing as coming home to the undying love of a creature who is genuinely excited you exist. 

Fuzzy George now, he has helped me heal. There are many things in my life that make me feel broken. Many aspects that hurt. Working with Fuzzy George, this cat who is broken physically as well as behaviorally, has helped me heal something in myself. Knowing without a doubt that there is something I am good at, working with cats, has been a huge booster to me while everything else seems to fall apart. Showing love and kindness to a creature who needed it, who had seen little, was like a balm to my soul. Fixing this broken cat, showing him a loving home, has fixed part of me. I can’t really explain it. He has made me whole in an odd way. And he has made Sneakers so happy. 

The more I learn though, the more I am struck by how lucky Fuzzy George was to find me. Last week I was speaking to a friend who worked at the shelter Fuzzy George was supposed to be transferred to. She knew the high kill animal control he came from. When I explained his behavior she said it was so unlike them to send a cat with any behavior issues out for other shelters. So first, Fuzzy George was lucky to get transferred out of that animal control facility. He was lucky to have gotten transferred to the shelter he was transferred to, at the time he was transferred. If he had not been sent at that exact time, he would not have come to the clinic I work at. Had he not come there, I would never have met him. And I would never have adopted him. It just seems too coincidental to me for this not to be some kind of fate. 


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