Selfie Sunday: Sneakers in the Sun

I’ve been trying to decide on the best shot to use for Selfie Sunday for so long, that I keep not posting.  Then I got this perfectly timed photo, and knew I had my shot.


Sneakers and I are enjoying the setting sun and some quiet time together. Life has been busy, which means we haven’t had nearly as much quality time as he would like. I feel bad that I can’t give him as much attention as ge would like. At the same time though, I’m excited that he does his flirty kitty routine with me again.

For months he has been quiet and less enthusiastic when I came home from work. I had been replaced by Fuzzy George. I missed my days of Sneakers tripping over himself to see me when I got home from work. I missed having him waiting for me when I came home. But worst of all, I felt guilty because I took it as a sign that I really had been letting Sneakers down all that time he was an only cat. While it was nice to know that Sneakers had a friend to keep him company during the day, and that he wasn’t lonely anymore, I did feel a pang of regret for the excited cat greetings after a long day of work. Though, it is hard to play with a cat who immediately runs under the couch when you try to play with him (he wants me to chase him. He’s an odd duck.)

Then I worried for a bit that I had replaced Sneakers with Fuzzy George. Fuzzy George was getting a large amount of my attention, being a high-maintenance cat after all. It took us months of work to get the biting to subside, to get him to calm down. Not to mention his constant runny eyes and his dirty, acne covered chin that needed cleaning. Maybe Sneakers hadn’t replaced me with Fuzzy George, maybe I had just replaced him.  When introducing a new cat to the house, I know the inter-cat dynamic changes; I didn’t think of the cat-human dynamic changing. 

Thankfully we seem to have come to a good place. Fuzzy George has his human buddy, Non-Fuzzy George. Sneakers has me. I have gotten better about balancing my time between the two of them. It is nice to know that Sneakers still values me, even if most of his flirting is only to ask for kibbles. It is good to know that the three of us, Fuzzy George, Sneakers and myself all have each other.  The boys have settled into their daily routines now, they have their time with their favorite person. I make sure to balance attention out when I am home (which is never enough). And we all sleep in a big pile on my bed most nights.  It is good to have a routine. It is good to feel needed and loved. My thoughts, but I am sure thoughts my boys echo. 

Now if I can just get Sneakers to stop going under the couch. 

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