New Friends

Fuzzy George and Sneakers have a new friend or two.  They love to sit in the window and watch their new friends. In fact Fuzzy George wants nothing more than to go outside and play with his new friends, though somehow I don’t think the feeling is mutual.  Honestly, I don’t know if they even realize that Sneakers and Fuzzy George exist. See they are squirrels, and they have been busily stuffing their bellies full of seeds from my tree.


Super blurry, but I think the squirrel is clear in the middle of the picture.

I’ve decided to name the new friends Bip and Bop (named after the Mutts comic strip characters) are frequent visitors around here the last few weeks.  Apparently my tree has some really good seeds this year, and the squirrels are going all out trying to stock up on the good stuff before summer ends.

S & FG looking out window

Fuzzy George takes every opportunity to watch for Bip and Bop. Their favorite branches are right in front of my bedroom window, so they get nice and close for the cats to see. While his favorite spot is looking out my bedroom window, he also enjoys looking out the picture window at them. He has been known to stare up at them while they bounce between branches. He moves from one side of the window to the other with them. He also likes to take every opportunity to look out the front door to check for squirrels in the yard.

Sneakers enjoys the squirrels, but not nearly as much as FG. Sneakers is much more interested in the giant bugs that keep landing on the windowsills around here. Now THAT is interesting.

Watching the squirrels, and watching the cats watch the squirrels has been a welcome break from reality. It has been a stressful, heavy summer for me. Watching the squirrels pick the trees clean of seeds with a quiet determination has been calming. Listening to them rustle in the trees, and watching them jump between branches has been calming. Of course having free entertainment for the cats has been great. Watching Fuzzy George’s hunter instincts kick, and watching Sneakers not kick in, has been so fun. But most of all, just taking the few minutes from the stress of life to recenter is great.