Pillow Games

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows just how odd they can be.  They develop odd quirks like the need to eat cornbread or play with carrots, then, just as suddenly, they are SO OVER THAT! Lately my boys have been playing what I call the Pillow Games. Each one has decided that this one particular pillow is THE place to sleep. But only at night. And Fuzzy George only wants the pillow if Sneakers had it first. Because cats.

It all started a month ago. I have a blanket that folds into a pillow (What will they think of next!). I decided I was  tired of the blanket and folded it into a pillow for easier storage. I  then made the mistake of leaving it on my bed. Sneakers found it and decided it was his pillow. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, as it is one of his favorite blankets.


This is the pillow that has caused all the trouble. I suppose it was inevitable, it shows the fur SO WELL!

For weeks Sneakers would curl up on this pillow at night and Fuzzy George would curl up on the bed next to the pillow. Fuzzy George would put his paws on the pillow, or maybe rest the side of his head on the pillow.

Sneakers King of Pillows

Sneakers likes the pillow any time of day or night.

Then one night Fuzzy George got bold. He sat on the pillow first. I have never seen him so proud of himself. Of course, being the ADHD type cat that he is, he didn’t stay there long. But he was so proud!

Pillow thief

Fuzzy George was so proud of himself! Sneakers, in the background, says he could have had the pillow if he didn’t have to wait for kibbles.

Since then they have taken turns sleeping on the pillow. I get the impression Fuzzy George thinks he is being sly when he gets on the pillow, even though he never stays. He gets on the pillow, sits there for a few minutes, then gets off. Sneakers then hops on and goes to sleep.


Getting ready to go to bed. He slept with his paws and his cheek on the pillow, until he got distracted by something more interesting.



“Look! I got the pillow!” He was so proud of himself.

Within the last few days the Pillow Games have lost their luster. The cats aren’t nearly as interested as they used to be. Maybe it’s not as new or exciting anymore, I’m not sure. I am sure that, like all cats, they will cycle back around to the Pillow Games.


His majesty knows he belongs on the pillow, and would request you please stop bothering him!


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