Selfie Sunday: Playing and Cuddling

The three of us formed a nice little circle here the other night. I was sitting on the bed trying to write while Fuzzy George played with the blanket and Sneakers played with Fuzzy George’s tail. I know, only FG would decide that playing with a blanket was a good idea. It started with pouncing on the graphics, then he discovered buttons. Trying to pull buttons off the blanket quickly because a new obsession.  The blanket is now turned upside down until I can wash it and put it away.  I just cant take the risk that he will rediscover the buttons one day when I am not around. That would be a nightmare.   

The boys have been so cute lately. Fuzzy George is back to his old goofy, troublesome self after his bought of constipation. They are both flitting around  looking for undivided attention all the time. And now that it is getting chilly out, they have both started cuddling up next to me at night. Nothing like kitty snuggles on a cold night.