Black and White Selfie Sunday: Perspective

I’ve struggled the last year or so to keep up with this blog. I have struggled to find my voice and my audience, particularly since my senior cats died. I had to step away from my blog and rescue work years ago for some balance in life. Because as much as I love cats, and as much as I want to help all the cats, there is only so much my life can revolve around cats. When I am not blogging I miss it. Which tells me it really is something I need to keep in my life.

Sneakers is frequently the first sight that greets my eyes in the morning. I couldn’t ask for a better way to start a new day than with the sight of my baby cat. In that vein, I decided this should be the first thing readers see as I start a new year and a new chapter in the blog. I will be trying different things out and have a few topics in mind for future posts. I am also horribly excited about going to Blog Paws 2018 conference. I hope to come back refreshed and inspired with mew ideas for the blog.


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