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Every great blog has an “About Me” page right? Here’s mine.

My name is Katie. I was claimed by a cat when I was just a matter of days old. There is a picture of me, days old and freshly arrived home, sleeping next to my mom on her bed. Sleeping right next to me is the family cat Chauncey. He claimed me for all cat kind. Needless to say I grew up with cats. For many years we had two cats at home, and both my maternal and paternal grandparents had a cat; my Godparents had a number of cats as well.  I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have cats or didn’t love cats. In fact some might say I have been obsessed with cats my whole life. I disagree with that, though I can see where they would have an argument. I certainly have been trying to help cats, and all animals, since I was young.

After Chauncey managed to sneak out of the house and get hit by a car I spent years asking for kittens. My parents said no because of our other cat, Twinkie, a queenly calico.  At the advice of a letter from Santa, I remember spending hours looking out our back window hoping for a cat to wander down the alley so I could claim it as my new cat. Twenty-odd years later I still spend hours looking out the back window watching for cats, this time though I am trapping and feeding them.

I have worked one of the finest no-kill cat shelters in the city of Chicago, it has been around for ages and in a strange twist of fate was the shelter where my darling Chauncey was adopted from. I have worked at cat only veterinary offices, and a pet food store. I have been volunteering at shelters and with rescue groups since I was around 14 years old.

I believe strongly in TNR and building a No Kill Nation. Anything that will save the lives of animals. However, I realize that will take work and dedication from a number of people. It will not happen over night. Sadly, for now, all the animals cannot be saved, but we must work to save future lives.


Picture of the author as a small child. On the left is Twinkie, on the right Chauncey.

When I was 11 years old I finally got the kittens I had wanted my whole life when we adopted 3 8-week old kittens. I loved and cared for them well into their senior years. Sadly the last of the three of them recently died of old age.

This blog started when the first of the three cats, Sam, died unexpectedly in 2009.  His death shook up my life more than I expected.  I write this for Sam, Crash and Muffin. I write it for the senior cats who get overlooked at shelters and whose medical care can be overwhelming to their people. I write it for all the cats who are looking for someone to love them. I write it for all the cats I cannot save, and all the people who are trying to save them. I write this so I can make a large impact on the lives of animals and the world of animal rescue in one small way.

When I am not doing something cat related I am either reading,coloring,watching Doctor Who, Star Wars, or one of my other nerdy obsessions.

Currently I am taking a break from cat rescue to heal and care for myself. Compassion fatigue is a beast.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. derrycats says:

    I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award today. So love the work you’re doing with cats. Thanks for sharing it here. You can see the nomination on my blog today.

  2. Jeanette says:

    I was looking for a way to cool off my feral babies that my neighbor and I have tnr’d and continue to take care of, and I found your blog and valuable opinion on the cool pad. Thank you! Also for having a giving heart.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi there,
    I see there that you said you are taking A break from rescuing cats but would you be interested in maybe one or two even? I am currently taking care of 5 strays that live out back and I really want to find them homes.I can’t seem to do so though.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Jennifer. I hope you have had some luck in finding homes or assistance for your cats. I cannot personally take on any more cats at this time. If you are in the Chicago area though, I can give you a list of shelters and other rescue groups to try. Shelters are always full, so the best thing you can do is just keep calling. Get on an admissions wait list if you can.

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