Cast of Feline Characters

A little Who’s Who of all the cats mentioned. I tried to keep it short but still give all the relevant info for anyone just picking up on the blog.

Feral Kitties:

Feral Cat with ear tip

Beautiful Mama

Mama– AKA Momma, Mama Kitty or Mommy. She was the one who started it all. The first kitty to show up, the first kitty I trapped in 2008. Other than the few days she disappeared after I trapped her and had her spayed, and a few weeks in 2011 when she got locked somewhere from a blizzard, she has never left. Mama keeps coming back to me and now hardly ever leaves the house we built for her. Despite all the years she has spent with me and the fact that she clearly trusts me, she simply will not allow me near her. Mama earned her name one summer night when I discovered her fighting a raccoon over her litter of kittens. I had no idea she had babies till I saw them jump off the deck behind her!

Little Black (22).JPGLittle Black– Possibly Mama’s sister, possibly her daughter, but certainly her best friend and her protector. Mama doesn’t go anywhere without Little Black. Little Black is the leader, the fearless one.  She sits in the doorway of their “tent” hidden in the shadows of night watching. She makes sure no one gets near Mama or tries to steal their tent. She is such a sweet cat. She loves to play, whether that is with animals she finds outside, balls or other toys she finds or a Cat Charmer, she doesn’t care. Little Black rubs on me when I feed her, she meows at me when she sees me and gently swats my hand when I stick my finger out but does not allow me to touch her. Occasionally I can get a touch in if I sneak up from behind while she is rubbing on me.

Marius–A super handsome gray tabby. I caught him several years ago and he recently made a reappearance. Glad to know he is still around and thriving.–See Sneakers in Companion Kitties below.

Scruffy, Tuxie, Fluffy Butt, Papa– All cats I have trapped and cared for but who have disappeared into the great abyss. I don’t know their fate, I can only hope they are still hanging around somewhere in the neighborhood. Fluffy and Tuxie were the sweetest cats, so I am hopeful they were taken in by a neighbor. You can read Scruffy’s story here, and the other three here.

Cow- a black and white cat who has eluded me for too long. I believe him to be the brother of three kittens I caught and socialized back in 2010. When I went to trap them Cow and his mom were no where to be seen in the yard. I almost caught Cow in 2011 but he backed his way out of a trap and vanished. I had not seen him until recently. I am now on the hunt for a Cow.

Poosh- My sweet Poosh. He was one of five kittens in a litter I was caring for down the street. I relocated them a few years ago after there was a neighbor who threatened to poison them. They all moved to a barn in a tiny town outside of Springfield. I caught everyone but Poosh, who managed to escape from the trap. He broke my heart when he did that and when I went back to try catching him. He sat in the yard crying the most pitiful cry while he looked for his family. Three years on and he is still around though. I am glad he has managed to survive, but I will never get over the guilt of separating him from his family. Poosh is clearly related to Mama, his mom Little Mommy, is an almost exact clone for Mama. He also resembles Mama, All I usually see of him is the white tip of his tail as it disappears into the garage he lives in. You can read more about him and his family here.

Companion Kitties:

sneakers-2013-37Sneakers- Sneakers was originally known as Marius when he lived outside, and for a brief period went by Crackers or Crackerjack. He is now inside where he is socializing to humans and quickly adjusting to life inside. He gets the nickname Mr. Sneakypants because of his ability to move silently through the house and blend in with the shadows. He is desperately in love with me, slowly learning to accept other people and in need of a feline friend to play with. A wonderful, semi-snuggly kitty who is so happy to be inside. Inside for almost 3 years now, he is still learning to accept people who are not me. He is a very insecure cat who hides when the doorbell rings and whose new favorite past time is sitting under the couch.

crash-224Crash- My baby. I got Crash, Muffin and Sam in 1995 when they were just 8-weeks old. I was still in grade school. They changed my life that day and it has been the better for it. I have loved and cared for them ever since. Crash is seventeen years old with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) aka Kidney Disease, hyperthyroidism, pancreatitis, high blood pressure, a heart murmur and heart arrhythmia. He had a cornicopia of drugs to take daily, and had a great quality of life up till the end. He was been MY cat since the beginning. We had a special bond which I cannot explain. I could do anything to him and he would tolerate it. He loved to help me write by sitting between me and the computer. I cannot begin to explain to you the love I feel or the bond I have with this cat. He is my life and always has been. Crash died at the end of June 2015, days shy of hitting 20 years.

Muffin– She had CRF, high blood pressure and pancreatitis as well. Fortunately she seemed to have missed out on the thyroid and heart problems so far. She was a diva, and very easily overstimulated. She was one of the strangest cats; she insisting on circling the chair or couch before she would consider sitting in a lap. She demanded attention but very quickly gets herself all worked up. She could be a cranky old thing and my parents and we joked that she will live forever just to annoy us. At the end of 2013 Muffin suddenly got very sick. She battled small cell lymphoma for a month, fighting the disease with everything she had. She lost her battle on New Year’s Eve 2013.

sam-15Sam– His full name was Uncle Sam.  God was he a piece of work. There will never be another cat like Sam. He had the strongest personality of the three. This cat loved attention, especially getting his belly rubbed. Sam was the sweetest cat at home, we always joked if someone broke in he would flop over and ask for belly rubs. The second he arrived at the vet’s office though, he turned into a wild beast. He hated having his toes touched or getting them dirty, which could be hysterical. If he wanted something and you weren’t paying attention, he would just start eating something he shouldn’t or knock something to the ground. Any attention was good attention as far as Sam was concerned. He had so many strange quirks, and was always getting himself into trouble. He died unexpectedly in 2009, possibly from a heart attack. When Sam died my world turned upside down. I have a Sam shaped hole in my heart and extreme guilt from his death. I am trying to ease both of those by working with other animals, trying to improve and save the lives of as many cats as I possibly can.



5 thoughts on “Cast of Feline Characters

  1. Gayle says:

    Hi. It’s January 11, 2016. My boyfriend’s daughter is telling me that there are two “outdoor” kittens near a friend’s home. Seeing how terribly cold it is now, I wonder if I should take them to Animal Welfare or just let them be. I know that Animal Welfare will eventually put them down if they are not adopted. I haven’t seen these kittens, but I don’t know if they can survive in this. I don’t know if there is a momma cat around or what to do. I have two of my own in a place that will allow no other cats. Additionally, as these have been born into the outside world, I fear FIV and FELV and am trying to take precautions against transmitting anything to my cats. Any advice?

    • Kat says:

      I would advise taking the kitties in. It gets a little tricky trying to find momma since they are not near your house. If you can bring the kittens inside that would be best. As long as your cats do not come in direct contact with the kittens, and you wash your hands after handling the kittens, there is no concern about spreading disease to your cats. If possible to keep the kittens inside in a bathroom or other small room (you mention other cats, but perhaps your boyfriend’s daughters friend has a room to hold the kittens, or you can find someone else who can keep them), you may be able to find another shelter for the kittens. If you are able, you can try leaving food out to see if Momma cat comes around. If you have any further concerns or questions I would suggest calling Animal Welfare League, or another shelter in the area, directly, as they will be able to answer you in a more timely fashion.

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