When the cats are away…8

Ok so the cats aren’t technically the ones who are away, they are the ones snugly at home while I am away.

I’m currently out of town. I left Sunday early morning. And man do I miss my cats-all four of them. I have been thinking about them constantly since I left. My heart aches for them. I worry about my girls as it is cold and very snowy in Chicago. I miss Sneakers, who I know is completely lost without me. He never knows what to do when I am gone for work or go out with friends; so I can only imagine how lost he is when I don’t come home for days at a time. I got this picture from my Dad the other day of Sneakers. He’s sad that his food is not there and he is wondering where it is.

Luckily for all of us, I will be home tomorrow night. I did a long weekend visit to my Grandfather in California. Since it is not a traditional vacation and there is lots of down time (but not the relaxing sort) my mind has strayed to the cats more than once. I’ve been stressed, assisting my elderly grandfather is exhausting. I haven’t been sleeping well at the hotel because the pillows are awful and the bed isn’t comfortable. I miss my kitty snuggles at night. Sneakers is my anti-stress cuddle buddy. He is my sleep buddy, whenever I can’t sleep he curls right up and purrs me to sleep. Sneakers and Fuzzy George are the best distractions after long, frustrating, stressful days. And I feel like I need my kitties right now.

The there are my girls. It is cold and there are 3 inches of snow on the ground. I am sure that my father has not shoveled the deck, so my cats are most likely walking around in snow. Thankfully they have a warm, heated house and their food stations are covered. So I’m concerned about them.

Fuzzy George on the other hand, well I’m not super concerned about him. His favorite person is my Dad. He’s getting his daily snuggles and his food. As far as he is concerned, life is pretty sweet.

My cats are currently in the care of my dad. So they have someone home with them, and someone they know. Unfortunately for all, my dad is not generally involved in day to day care of the kitties. So everyone’s schedule has been disrupted. Meals are not at the right time, and I am sure there are other aspects of their daily care are not as they are used to. So not only do my kitties not have me for love and play time, but their routine is disrupted.

While I miss my kitties, I will say that I don’t miss the responsibilities that come with them. Feeding, medicating, cleaning up after them all take an incredible amount of time. Time you don’t realize you are spending until you suddenly have it freed up. Still, I wouldn’t trade them in for all the extra free time in the world.

Tell me friends, what do you do when you travel? How do you cope with missing your kitties? Or do you just not travel because of your cats?


2 thoughts on “When the cats are away…8

  1. 15andmeowing says:

    The most we will ever go is one night and we rarely do that ( once every 2 years). My mom stays with the cats or I would not be able to relax.

    • Kat says:

      I hardly ever go away. Unfortunately, my Grandpa lives in a different state. He is getting on in life and I need (want) to visit. There are also one or two times when extended family have taken trips I want to join in on. Usually one of my parents is with the cats. Unless my mom is with them though, I worry. I can’t help it. They are my high maintenance babies.

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