Selfie Sunday-Wishful Thinking

The boys are on a diet. Well the boys are back on their diet. Fuzzy George in particular, is a little too plump. Considering that he already has issues with his hips and joints and he is only 3 years old, he really needs to carry a little less heft on those bones of his.  Unfortunately for all of us, eating kibbles is his favorite pastime.  Sneakers is also very fond of eating kibbles, though he controls his intake. Left to his own accord, Sneakers would eat a few kibbles here, a few more there. I could fill his bowl up and not need to refill it for a day or two.

When Fuzzy George came around that all had to stop though. Fuzzy George is a vacuum. Actually a black hole may be more apt. Any food comes near him and it is sucked into the chasm of his mouth never to be seen again. Which is frustrating for both Sneakers and myself.  They get wet food in addition to dry, as the wet food is overall better for them. Wet, or canned food, has more moisture, more protein and less carbs than dry food. Sadly, I have a pair of kibble addicts.

These boys live on hopes of kibbles. The container of dry food lives in my bedroom, as do their dry food bowls. A holdover from when Sneakers was first integrating himself into the house, and possibly from when Crash was around (his old man self needed to eat every few hours. And his arthritic joints didn’t like stairs).  Any way.  Never ending dreams of kibbles, plus the location of  kibbles means I am hardly ever able to walk into my room without seeing a sight like this.

waiting for food


It is rare that they are both in the corner together, so I couldn’t resist getting a shot of them. They made it even better though. They moved in tandem, like a pair of synchronized food beggars.

turned heads

What, us beg for food? Never!

They certainly do make it hard to stick to their diet. Those eyes. The constant refrain of tripping over cats who think they are starving. The chaos that Fuzzy George causes when he is hungry and bored. I know it is for the best for them though. Overweight cats face so many health complications. I have to keep reminding myself of this when I feel like giving in.




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When the cats are away…8

Ok so the cats aren’t technically the ones who are away, they are the ones snugly at home while I am away.

I’m currently out of town. I left Sunday early morning. And man do I miss my cats-all four of them. I have been thinking about them constantly since I left. My heart aches for them. I worry about my girls as it is cold and very snowy in Chicago. I miss Sneakers, who I know is completely lost without me. He never knows what to do when I am gone for work or go out with friends; so I can only imagine how lost he is when I don’t come home for days at a time. I got this picture from my Dad the other day of Sneakers. He’s sad that his food is not there and he is wondering where it is.

Luckily for all of us, I will be home tomorrow night. I did a long weekend visit to my Grandfather in California. Since it is not a traditional vacation and there is lots of down time (but not the relaxing sort) my mind has strayed to the cats more than once. I’ve been stressed, assisting my elderly grandfather is exhausting. I haven’t been sleeping well at the hotel because the pillows are awful and the bed isn’t comfortable. I miss my kitty snuggles at night. Sneakers is my anti-stress cuddle buddy. He is my sleep buddy, whenever I can’t sleep he curls right up and purrs me to sleep. Sneakers and Fuzzy George are the best distractions after long, frustrating, stressful days. And I feel like I need my kitties right now.

The there are my girls. It is cold and there are 3 inches of snow on the ground. I am sure that my father has not shoveled the deck, so my cats are most likely walking around in snow. Thankfully they have a warm, heated house and their food stations are covered. So I’m concerned about them.

Fuzzy George on the other hand, well I’m not super concerned about him. His favorite person is my Dad. He’s getting his daily snuggles and his food. As far as he is concerned, life is pretty sweet.

My cats are currently in the care of my dad. So they have someone home with them, and someone they know. Unfortunately for all, my dad is not generally involved in day to day care of the kitties. So everyone’s schedule has been disrupted. Meals are not at the right time, and I am sure there are other aspects of their daily care are not as they are used to. So not only do my kitties not have me for love and play time, but their routine is disrupted.

While I miss my kitties, I will say that I don’t miss the responsibilities that come with them. Feeding, medicating, cleaning up after them all take an incredible amount of time. Time you don’t realize you are spending until you suddenly have it freed up. Still, I wouldn’t trade them in for all the extra free time in the world.

Tell me friends, what do you do when you travel? How do you cope with missing your kitties? Or do you just not travel because of your cats?

Black and White Selfie Sunday: Perspective

I’ve struggled the last year or so to keep up with this blog. I have struggled to find my voice and my audience, particularly since my senior cats died. I had to step away from my blog and rescue work years ago for some balance in life. Because as much as I love cats, and as much as I want to help all the cats, there is only so much my life can revolve around cats. When I am not blogging I miss it. Which tells me it really is something I need to keep in my life.

Sneakers is frequently the first sight that greets my eyes in the morning. I couldn’t ask for a better way to start a new day than with the sight of my baby cat. In that vein, I decided this should be the first thing readers see as I start a new year and a new chapter in the blog. I will be trying different things out and have a few topics in mind for future posts. I am also horribly excited about going to Blog Paws 2018 conference. I hope to come back refreshed and inspired with mew ideas for the blog.

Selfie Sunday: Playing and Cuddling

The three of us formed a nice little circle here the other night. I was sitting on the bed trying to write while Fuzzy George played with the blanket and Sneakers played with Fuzzy George’s tail. I know, only FG would decide that playing with a blanket was a good idea. It started with pouncing on the graphics, then he discovered buttons. Trying to pull buttons off the blanket quickly because a new obsession.  The blanket is now turned upside down until I can wash it and put it away.  I just cant take the risk that he will rediscover the buttons one day when I am not around. That would be a nightmare.   

The boys have been so cute lately. Fuzzy George is back to his old goofy, troublesome self after his bought of constipation. They are both flitting around  looking for undivided attention all the time. And now that it is getting chilly out, they have both started cuddling up next to me at night. Nothing like kitty snuggles on a cold night.

Cat Sticker Club-My Newest Obsession

When I was a little girl I had a sticker book-pages where I could put all my stickers in one place, peeling them and re-sticking them to the different pages until I found some place more permanent to stick them. Some of the stickers were too cute to use, and they lived in that sticker book forever. Or at least until Adult Me decided I  was too old for stickers.  Thankfully, I got over being “too old for stickers” and now I wish I had my sticker book back.  Why? And what does this have to do with cats? Simple- I discovered The Cat Sticker Club.

Cat Sticker Club is an online sticker club and possibly the most amazing thing ever. For the low price of $3.50 a month, I get one adorable sticker mailed directly to me.  I always seem to come home to them after a particularly difficult day at work, which lets me enjoy them even more!  Like most people, I live on a very tight budget which makes it hard for me to do nice things for myself. A mere $3.50 a month though is totally affordable though. And you get a notification before your account is charged, meaning you can make sure to skip a coffee or candy bar that week if you need to make up the difference somewhcat sticker 3ere.

Oh and did I mention that 10% of profits from each month’s sicker benefits a different cat rescue organization? Because they do. And it makes my indulgence seem less indulgent (but in a totally good way!).  Or, if you don’t want to subscribe, you can buy one or two stickers at a time from their back issue store.

I had a chance to speak with Kelly, one of the founders of Cat Sticker Club, via email last month.  Cat Sticker Club started in February, 2016 and was inspired, in part, by Kelly’s love for her cats Dilly and Howard. Kelly says the idea for Cat Sticker Club came about after she started Feminist Sticker Club, and was home stuffing envelopes with her cats.

Kelly says charities are picked solely based off suggestions from Cat Sticker Club members.  “We have a place on our website where members can make suggestions on which charities we should donate to. We keep working through that list and with everyone’s help have been able to donate to some amazing places!” Charity partners are listed on their website, complete with links to each organizations’ website.

cat sticker 5

Similarly, artists are able to submit, their work through Cat Sticker Club’s website. Did you get a sticker you love and want more stuff from the artist? No problem. Just hop on over to The Artists page, read their bio and visit their website.  There are just so many things to love about Cat Sticker Club.

In fact, the only thing I don’t like about Cat Sticker Club, is I don’t know what to do with all the stickers. They are just too cute, I want to have them forever. I have stickers on my computer and my tablet cases. My water bottle is also decked out, as was my previous phone case.  I also decorated the cat food storage container. Which brings me back to wishing I had my sticker book back. It would be a nice safe place to keep my stickers AND be able to show them off to my friends.





Listen to your Instincts

I should have listened to my instinct. Instead I talked myself out of it. Earlier this year I was concerned that Fuzzy George was constipated. He was displaying the usual signs of constipation-not eating, a little vomiting and irregular bowel movements. I got him started on some Mira-lax at his doctor’s recommendation, and he cleared right up.  A bit later he started up again with the decreased appetite and irregular bowel movements. I started him up on the Mira-lax again.

Over the summer I kept planning on taking Fuzzy George in to the vet and  then not taking him in. He would be a little “off” then just when I was sure it was time to take him back, he would return to normal. The last few weeks though, I felt something was off. He was sleeping more than usual. His appetite has been decreased (which in Fuzzy George was still more than a normal cat).  He wasn’t very interested in playing, he stopped some of his routines. My instinct was to take him in too the vet. I told myself I was overreacting though. I told myself to relax. I told myself that I was still in “senior cat mode” from many years of caring for senior cats; the first sign of something off and  they were whisked to the doctor, because it usually was something serious. I told myself he is young, I’m sure he’s fine. It also doesn’t help that Fuzzy George lets out his true monster at the vet. He doesn’t respond to any of the oral drugs I give him for minor sedation prior to vet visits and has to get full sedated for the vet to even handle him.  So taking him to the vet is a big friggin’ deal.

FG cageWell I finally took him in yesterday. Poor love is majorly constipated. Like, I am not sure he could be any more backed up. I was uncomfortable just looking at the x-rays of his belly. So he started on a motility medication to get his colon moving and we added Mira-lax back to his diet. After the visit yesterday I realized that I haven’t seen his poop in a day or two, possibly more. I was so wrapped up in my own stress and worries that I failed to pay attention to litter box behavior.

Now I am beating myself up. Usually I am so good at knowing when my cats need care. I work at the vet after all.  I cared for Muffin, Crash and Sam for so many years, always knowing when it was time to take them in. But this time I ignored my instinct.  I thought I was being over dramatic and I didn’t want to put him (or myself) through the stress of an unneeded vet visit. Now my poor vet also has to deal with me in full Worried Cat Mom Mode, which I am good at after 7 plus years of sick senior-cat care. On the plus side, he got his nails trimmed (boy is a drama queen when it comes to nail trims).  Next time, I will listen when I feel something is wrong, even if it is inconvenient and stressful.

On another bright spot, when you work at the vet and your cat is completely sedated for his visit, you get to do this. FG unicorn